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Wedding Ceremony


The ceremony includes various rituals and lasts at least three days. It starts with an impressive convoy of family members and friends of the groom, going from his house or that of a relative to the house of the bride to carry the dowry or Dfouaâ.


This dowry, which value increases according to the social situation of the husband, generally consists of camels, sheep, fabrics and items used to sew the melhfa (traditional clothing of the Saharawi woman), locally made perfums (rchouch), incense, as well as tea and sugar. The dowry also includes jewelry, clothing and fabrics for the bride and other furnishings.



The gift which send the bride's mother to the groom's mother


Gifts received by the bride and groom from their relatives and friends


What the bride brings with her from the house of her parents to that of her husband (tent, furnishing, camels, valuable items, servants etc...)

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