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Popular Games 



Rah is one of the most popular games amongst nomads.

The principle is that a group of men form a circle and that one of them is in the middle, then each player tries to touch him without being touched by him. If the player in the middle can touch one of the players around him; the latter is obliged to replace it in the middle of the circle.


Meriass is a relatively modern popular card game.

These are four groups that represent four colors or symbols: Albik, Alkor, Alkarou and Attrifal.

Albik is the most important symbol followed by Alkor, then Alkaro and finally Attrifal.

If one of the players screams Albik, he cancels all the cards of the other teams, and so it decreases in order of importance.



Sig: is considered to be the most played game so far in the southern provinces. It consists of a pile of sand (representing the game board), eight stick of equal sizes (as Dice) and pebbles and small pieces of wood respectively representing the pawns of the two opposing teams.

The principle of the game is that each team must eliminate the maximum of pawns of his opponent; the progress in the game depends on the result obtained at the launch of the eight rods that have a significance for each result obtained.


Khmissa: is played using five pieces of small stones properly chosen.

The game requires great concentration because each player has to pick up the stones that are thrown in the air and strive to catch them without letting them fall. If one of the stones falls to the ground, it means defeat for the team.

In Saharan Morocco, the horseback riding is a passion, transmitted from generation to generation. Kids get acquainted from a very young age to the specificities of the Barbe horse, a distinct and precious horse breed, an animal that has proved it can adapt to Saharan desert land.

Saharan Morocco has been the home of the most beautiful specimens that have always been appreciated by the Moorish people. The Emirs of Adrar, for example, would make them their companions of honour, symbols of prestige and of pride.


The barbe horse is known for its low rump and its tail that is set fairly low, and its small, hard hoofs.

Considered a desert horse, the Barbe is known for its resistance and its performance..


The tbourida (often named fantasia) crystallizes the equestrian tradition of Saharan Morocco.


It is both a test of handling and training a horse. It is also, for the horseman, a demonstration of his capacity to coordinate his gestures and to be precise.


The horsemen, when galloping, must all, at the naddah’s signal, aim their rifles armed with blank cartridges towards the ground and fire.

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