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Tan Tan's Moussem, vector of economic and social development and its different patrimonial and cultural components, according to its classification as a masterpiece of the oral and intangible heritage of humanity.

Promoting art and the Saharan culture

Promoting art and the local culture around the world through the organization of itinerant exhibitions of heritage elements of the Saharan Morocco as well as events that will constitute essential territory marketing actions for the region.

Boosting cooperation with other regions

Encourage cooperation with other regions, through Moussems and festivals around the world, as well as similar institutions, and thus share the know-how in the preservation of the heritage classified by the UNESCO.

Work to obtain the UNESCO ranking of other elements

Work to gain the UNESCO ranking of other heritage elements of the Saharan Morocco.

Mobilize funding from partners

Mobilize funding from various national and international partners.

Preserve &Valorise

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