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What We Do

Visions and Values
"Get involved to perpetuate the social and economic value of the Moussem

The Tan Tan Moussem is an annual multisecular meeting of the nomadic tribes of Saharan Morocco and beyond who find there the opportunity to celebrate their common culture and to establish social and commercial ties.

The purpose is to create around the Moussem and its activities, the conditions of integration of young people in a new cultural dynamic respectful of heritage.

Sharing knowledge about the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity

The intangible heritage is constantly evolving, and is enriched by each new generation. However, it's also threatened and endangered by standardization and lack of appreciation.


Tan Tan's Moussem contributes to social cohesion and stimulates the sense of identity and belonging to several mainstreams of national and universal civilization.

The Almouggar Foundation starts to initiate with its partners actions to promote this heritage.

Make of the transmission of knowledge a crucial value.

The oral and intangible heritage of humanity which the Moussem represent does not only lie in the cultural event itself, but also in the wealth of knowledge and the know-how it transmits from one generation to another.


Conscious that one of the relevant channels for the transmission of knowledge remains essentially formal and non-formal education, the Almouggar Foundation, in close coordination with the various partners, aims to perpetuate the transmission of intangible cultural heritage, namely: traditions and oral expressions, literature, culinary arts, music, singing, dance, sounds, games, mythology, rituals, customs, know-how and ancestral crafts, instruments and cultural objects, etc...

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